County Wide Fire Ban Lifted

October 29, 2010 No Comments

Gotta let it burn.

While Usher wants to let it burn, the Bullitt County Judge and Fire Department doesn’t want anything to burn in Bullitt County.

The outdoor burning ban is restricting ground fires in Bullitt County. It was put in place to limit the amount of out of control fires in the area. Fines and jail time were issued to violators

Fires have been causing many problems in the state of Kentucky due to the extremely dry weather.


The ban states, “All outdoor burning in Bullitt County is prohibited under authority of KRS 149.401. This prohibition is in effect until this proclamation has been rescinded by public notice. I urge all Bullitt County citizens to comply with this proclamation so that we can preserve Bullitt County’s timber resources.”

This Executive Order was issued on October 12, 2010, and lasted through October 20, 2010. Due to the prolonged dry weather conditions there was a rise in out of control fires in the area. Concerned Bullitt County Judge Executive, Melanie J Roberts, and the local fire chief met and issued this ban to address the problem. Zoneton Fire Chief Rob Orkies States, “Issuing the ban was crucial at the time because small fires could escalade out of control very quickly.”

Violators of this ban were forced to pay a fine up to $500, or sent to jail for a maximum of 30 days. Over the duration of the ban fifteen acres in Mt.Washington caught fire, 12 acres in Zoneton were in flames, and over 500 acres in the Fort Knox area burned.

The ban was lifted on October 20th because of improved weather conditions.

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