Chargers Headed To State

March 8, 2011 No Comments

Chargers are state bound.

The Bullitt East Chargers basketball team took the win last night in the regional championship against Pleasure Ridge Park.

The Chargers brought home a successful win after the game last night, Monday March 7th.  East took down PRP with an 81-58 win. Hayden Sweat, Corey Washburn, Derek Wills, Trey Rakes, & Rusty Troutman went in fighting and didn’t stop until the end.

The first half started off on a bad foot as the Panthers were hitting all their shots one by one. “We needed to pick it up and defense could have been better,” admits sophomore, Derek Willis. The boys were nervous, knowing that the next step would be state. The defense was shaky, but the boys made sure to play a solid game all the way through.

The tension didn’t last long as the 2nd half rolled around, and the boys began to loosen up and bring the heat. “The game had a great atmosphere with a tremendous crowd,” Coach Hunt stated. “It was all a perfect storm that we won.” The boys wanted to make every play perfect, and were afraid to make any mistakes. The chargers didn’t want to take the risk of messing up their chances of going to state.

PRP wasn’t going down without a fight though. Their players played hard the first half as our Chargers slacked. Max Clemons on the opposing team was on his game, but Washburn had just a little more game to take him down. “We were being selfish in the 1st half,” confesses Washburn.

The Red Zone showed their spirit and commitment to the Chargers as they filled the stands from bottom to top. Red covered the gymnasium, and the Red Zone roared throughout the whole game. The PRP student section was tough, but our Red Zone wasn’t going to stand down.

The boys will be on their way to Lexington for State next Thursday March 17th. Lets tear down Rupp Chargers.

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