3.13.12 Cheerleading Season 2011-12

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Double the teams, double the success.

Both of Bullitt East’s cheerleading teams had successful seasons overcoming many obstacles.

The “Red” team competed in four competitions bringing home no less than fourth place in each. The “Black” team, also competing in four competitions, brought home no less than second place. The Red team faces the dilemma of losing three of their key players, all boys, while the Black team only loses one senior.

Both teams pose together at their hotel in Disney World.

UCA Nationals and State were the Red team’s biggest competitions. The four competitions they competed in were Regionals (1st place), Disney Qualifiers (1st place), UCA Nationals (4th place), and State (2nd place).  On a team full of freshmen, it took some bonding and tough practice schedules to become the team they wanted to be. The freshmen had to step up and overcome their differences in order to all get along and place high at competitions. “We started as a team, and ended as a family.” Freshman Samantha Chesser proudly stated. The Red team’s biggest competition throughout the season was Reidland High School who they fell short by a few points at both UCA Nationals and State.

Black team brought home higher rankings than the Red team but in the long run didn’t compete against as much competition.” Both teams encouraged one another, even if there was some bickering, everyone ended up getting along, as far as i know.” added Coach Nate Fulghum.  The Black team is considered either Small JV Coed or simply Junior Varsity which is a relatively small division. A lot of teams aren’t lucky enough to have two cheer teams therefore they only have a Varsity team, where East has both a “Junior Varsity” and “Varsity”. Black team competed at Eastside Middle School’s competition (1st place), Disney Qualifiers (1st place), Jamfest (1st place), and UCA Nationals (2nd place).  The Black was considered the “underdogs” but by their rankings they proved their peers and “haters” wrong.

The biggest dilemma the Red team will face is losing three seniors. Taylor McMIllen has cheered for two years at East and is the most experienced, Zack McMillen and Logan Pruitt both caught on quickly to the sport just this year and were a big reason the team did as well as they did. “I think losing the seniors next year will hurt us but we will get some good cheerleaders from Eastside that will help us out a lot.” said cheerleader Shelby Douthett. The Black team loses one senior, a foreign exchange student, Sanna Melke.

“Losing the boys is awful, but we have some good talent lined up next year. The seniors right now care so much about the team that their determined to help the boys who plan on trying out next year.” said Fulghum.

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