Welcome to the 2014 – 2015 school year!
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Hey Broncos!  Brooks Elementary is a part of a new national study called the Healthy Communities Study!


  • The Healthy Communities Study is trying to find out how community programs and local policies help children be healthy.
  • We were picked to represent our community!
  • More information will be available via the Tuesday envelopes on August 19th.

Please go to the study website below to learn more about it.  http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/research/resources/obesity/population/hcs.htm

  • We will send a Study Interest Form home with each child.
    • Please check the “Yes” box, sign, and fill in the form if you think your family may want to be in the study.
    • Please check the “No” box and sign the form if you and your family do NOT want to be in the study.
    • Have your child return the signed form to their teacher – even if you checked the “No” box.
    • If you have more than one child, please fill out one form for each child who brings one home.
    • You can also call toll free 866-559-0928 to complete the form(s) by phone.
  • When the study team gets our school’s Study Interest Forms, they will draw names of families to call – like a lottery.
  • If they call you, they will tell you more about the study.
  • If you have more than one child, they will work with you to pick one child to be in the study.
  • Then you can decide if you want to be in the study.
  • If you agree to be in the study, the study team will ask you and your child some questions.
    • They will ask about the foods your child eats and the physical activities that your child does.
    • They will measure you and your child’s height and weight.
    • Your family will get gifts worth $30 to thank you for being in the study. 
  • Being in the study is easy and FREE!


Please fill out the Study Interest Form so you have a chance to be in the study!  Contact Mrs. Bishop at 869-2012.

Watch DOGS at Brooks
We are so excited to have the Watch DOGS (Dads of Great Students) program here at Brooks.  If you are interested in being a Watch DOG Dad, please contact Sherri Bishop.
Here at Brooks, the Broncos are the BEST!
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School Hours
Doors open at 8:40 for car and bus riders.
Breakfast 8:40-9:05
9:05 Announcements begin
9:10 School day officially begins
After 9:10 students are marked tardy.