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September Newsletter

It’s always wonderful to have the students and staff back in the building. This year our staff is doing a book study on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits.  We will be teaching a habit a month to our students, discussing the habit in class and exhibiting those habits throughout the school day.  Students will be keeping data notebooks to set goals and track their learning.
Communication with our families is very important to us.  Each teacher has a weekly newsletter and a website.  Our school sends home monthly newsletters, and we also send out a lot of information on our FB page and through eNews.  Be sure to follow our Face book page, sign up for eNews and Parent Portal in order to get the most current information from the school.
Attendance will always be a focus.  We only have our students 170 days, and we need them here everyday.  There is so much covered in class, it is very difficult to make up what is missed at home.  Thank you for scheduling vacations, as well as making wellness appointments and dentist appointments when school is not in session.  On August 27th, we had 100% attendance school-wide!  That is worth celebrating!
We will continue to have our monthly celebrations where we recognize students, staff and community members for the positive things they do.  We will recognize students with perfect attendance, students exhibiting positive behavior, being role models and more.  Teachers will be sending home positive postcards this year.  So, be on the look out for those!

PTA Notifications

Our PTA Officers this year are Mackie French, Marci Hodges, Greta Hurst, Ashley Williams, Nicki Simcoe and John Martin.  Cindi French serves as the teacher representative.  The PTA works tirelessly behind the scenes to support our school and serve our students.  In order to communicate with our families, they would like for you to sign up for Nichols PTA notifications.  Please visit https://www.remind.com/join/nicholsp

Parents and Visitors

Parents and Visitors:  This is a friendly reminder that you have to show your ID when entering the building and follow all sign in procedures.


Also, the car rider line in the back of the building is for dropping off your children only. If you need to come into the building, you will need to park, enter through the front door, show your ID and check in at the front office.


Please make sure we have an updated list of all the people allowed to check your child out from school.  Please let these people know about the ID requirements as well.


Remember, we love your children and this is for their safety.

Welcome Back

NES is a buzz with activity.  Mr. Priddy has been busy cleaning the building and shining those floors. Teachers have been preparing their rooms for our students. Next week, teachers will be attending Professional Development sessions in order to learn and grow to better serve our students.


A new school year brings some new faces to NES.  Nichols Elementary School would like to welcome:


Jody Densford:  our new librarian

Heather Allen: our new Reading Recovery Teacher

Jessie Thompson:  our new Special Education Teacher


NES would also like to welcome Sarah Conner as our new secretary and bookkeeper.  Ms. Trina Kimball accepted a position as the new preschool secretary.  Her office is right down the hallway, so we will still get to see her each day! J


Be sure to join us at 6:00 Monday, August 4th at Open House.  Students will be able to meet their teachers and drop off their supplies.  A big thank you to the PTA for providing ice cream.  We look forward to seeing everyone! J


Class lists will be posted on Tuesday, July 29th.



14-15 Supply Lists

Attached are the 14-15 Supply Lists.  There are a total of three.

One for students entering K, 1st or 2nd grade.

One for students entering 3rd grade.

One for students entering 4th grade.

Supply Lists

Class lists will be posted July 29th.

Happy Summer Everyone!

Happy Summer Everyone!

Supply lists are now available at the school in the foyer on the rolling cart by the front door.

Open House is Monday, August 4th at 6:00 PM.  Please bring your supplies that evening.

Class lists will be available and posted in the foyer of the school on Tuesday, July 29th.

Summer office hours are from 8-12 Monday through Thursdays through July 25th.

Mr.  Priddy is busy cleaning the school and classrooms!  We are having a busy and productive summer at NES!

See you soon,

Mrs. Hamilton


May News

Our testing window begins on May 21st and ends on May 28th.  Our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders have worked hard all year!  This is the time for them to show what they know!  Please make sure your children eat a healthy breakfast, get plenty of rest and arrive to school on time.  It’s important that they are present on these days so that they are testing with their peers as well.  Plus, it’s so close to the end of the year, there are not many days for making up the test.  Field Day is planned for Friday, the 30th, we would hate to have students testing on that day.  Be sure to reschedule any appointments that fall on these days.  Thanks so much for your cooperation and support!  Let’s finish strong!
A huge thanks to the PTA officers, Mackie French, Cindi French, Nicki French-Simcoe, Rae Hurst, Marci Hodges, Ashley Williams, Amy Picken, Geneva Peyton, our volunteer coordinator, our volunteers, staff, Dolores Ashby, Rhonda Hedges, Buddy Shepherd, our auctioneer, the Nichols Fire Department and more for making our festival a huge success. Thanks to the community for the great turnout, and thank you to everyone that made donations! We raised over $14,000! That is the largest amount raised in the past three years! We are the Nichols Knights: Leading the Charge to Excellence!


April Attendance Challenge

We made it through this dreary winter, and spring is finally here!  Let’s make every day count!  I challenged the students to make every effort to be here in April.  Our attendance has taken a dip, and I would love to see improvement.  I know the students are up to the challenge.  Every one of them exceeded their reading goal for “I Love to Read” Week!  And, I’m sure they will step up to this chal…lenge.  Nichols has not won the monthly attendance trophy for the last three years!  My challenge to the students is that we win this trophy for the month of April!  The attendance committee will be meeting to develop strategies to increase attendance at Nichols as well.  Parents, if you have any suggestions, please let me know.  We would love your input!

Family Resource Center

Our Family Resource Center provides valuable resources to our students and their families.  The center will be open 3 days a week at Nichols Elementary School.

Traci Gould is our Family Resource Center Coordinator.  She will be here on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-4:30, unless she has meetings.

Dani Reesor, Traci’s assistant, will be here on Mondays from 8:00-3:00, unless she has meetings.  Stop by and visit these wonderful ladies the next time you are at Nichols.  Find out what they can do for you and use the valuable resources that our center provides.

The Family Resource Number at Nichols is 869-2612.

If you need to contact our coordinator or her assistant on days they are not in the office, they can be reached at Shepherdsville Elementary at 869-7012.