Academic Team

The Academic Team season runs from August through March. Try-outs are held at the beginning of the school year, and students may choose to test in one or two written assessments: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Arts & Humanities. The Academic Team focuses on three main areas: written assessments, Quick Recall, and Future Problem-Solving. Throughout the season, we compete against other Bullitt County Middle Schools in a district league. The written assessments, for the District League, are actually tested on the computer, and then we compete against the other schools in Quick Recall. The District Governor’s Cup usually takes place in January, with qualifying students moving forward to the Regional Governor’s Cup in February, followed by the State Governor’s Cup in March.

We also have a 6th grade Showcase with 6th graders competing against other schools in the region. Last year, the Showcase was held at Zoneton, with 8 schools competing against one another in written assessments and Quick Recall.

For several years, we have either had our Quick Recall team or our Future Problem-Solving team go forward to the State Governor’s Cup, in addition to several students taking individual written assessments.

Our Academic Team is not very large; however, our students are self-motivated and inquisitive, and they want to be with like-minded students. If a student is interested in joining the Zoneton Academic Team, he/she is invited to come and meet with Mrs. Zavala, an Academic Coach.







The Zoneton Middle School Band Program currently has 114 students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade Bands. 22 students made Bullitt County Honor Band during 2011-2012 school year. 29 Distinguished ratings and 7 Proficient ratings were earned at the Solo and Ensemble Festival on February 25, 2012. BRAVO!!!

Students who join the band program can expect Rehearsal Time to be one of:

    1. Mutual respect –Teacher to Student, Student to Teacher, and Student to Student.

    2. Quiet

    3. Effort

    4. Concentration and Focus

    5. Readiness with pencil on stand and utilized when asked to mark music.

Results will be…

    * Focused, productive rehearsals
    * A band that sounds “Distinguished”
    * Students who want to be there
    * Great ensembles
    * Pride in a job well done
Interesting tidbits about the ZMS Band:
    > Pep Band performs at occasional home basketball games.
    > Performed at the Bullitt County Showcase of Schools this past September, 2011.
    > Earned Distinguished and Proficient Ratings at the KMEA Large Group Festival.
    > One student is a member of the Louisville Youth Orchestra “Horizons” Brass Ensemble.
    > Several students have participated in the U of L Summer Middle School Honor Band for the past 2 summers (and more are about to be recommended for the 2012 summer’s camp).
    > We have a great program and are very proud of our musicians! The band grows in number every year. This school year’s 6th grade class has 44 students.

  The Zoneton Boys Basketball team consists of 6th-8th grade boys who not only learn the basics of the sport, but also the value of good sportsmanship, solid teamwork, and putting forth your best effort.









Beta Club

Junior Beta is a club that is designed to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership amoung our school and community. The club meets the second Tuesday of every month. Members are expected to participate in events.

Students must apply to be a member at the beginning of the school year, obtaining the signatures of three teachers that would recommend them for Junior Beta.

If students are selected, they receive a formal invitiation to join Junior Beta. New members are inducted into the club in a ceremony at the end of September.









  Broadcast CrewThe Zoneton Middle School Broadcast Crew consists of a core group of 5 or 6 students who prepare and broadcast daily, live news announcements for the school, using a computer/software driven digital program. Postitions include:

*  audio/video technician,

*  camera/lights person,

*  copy editor, and

*  news anchors.

Students who express an interest on being on the ZMS Broadcast Crew must first go through an interview process with the program sponsor centering on the position of interest, and, if chosen, must go through a trial phase shadowing a “veteran” student to experience what is involved. Those students who wish to be “guest” anchors must audition for the staff sponsor to display their talent. If chosen, guest anchors work with a veteran anchor for a week, giving live, daily news announcements.






 The 2011-2012 Zoneton Middle School Choir has 28 members, 21 of whom are also in band. The ZMS Choir…     * performed at the Galt House in the summer of 2010 for KASA conference;

    * performs the National Anthem at all ZMS home basketball games;

    * performed at the Bullitt County Showcase of Schools in 2011; and

    * also performed at the Signature Health Care South Retirement Facility in Auburndale in December of 2010.








  Drama Club ZMS Drama Club: The Mischief Makers

Witty. Corny. Goofy. Exciting. Different. Creative. Fantastic. Friendship.

These are the words that best describe the world of the ZMS Mischief Makers.

In the drama club, students are welcome to be themselves or somebody totally different, for just a short period each week after school. Different drama games are played (ABC, The Late Game, Invisible World, Mirrors…just to name a few), and students learn about the world of the arts.

The goal of Drama Club is to perform a skit at the end of the year for the Zoneton Talent Show in front of the entire student body. Even though everyone involved might not be on the stage, there is always something exciting to do!



   Gifted Program 

Zoneton Middle School’s students are a part of the Bullitt County School System’s gifted program, which spans from Kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Individual students are placed in the program in accordance with the guidelines from the Kentucky Department of Education. Activities for gifted students vary from grade/school level, according to needs and opportunities, with no single option serving all schools.













Student Leadership

The Student Leadership team is comprised of 2 students from each homeroom elected by their peers, making a total of about 42 students.

The students meet as a group at least one time a month.

They are exposed to leadership activities and strategies that will help them become positive ambassadors for Zoneton Middle School.

The 8th Grade Student Leadership team is in charge of the annual 8th Grade Dance.


















Yearbook Club

The yearbook club is responsible for organizing and editing the ZMS yearbook. It is open to any ZMS student. Students must fill out an application at the beginning of the school year. They will be selected based on their answers and teacher recommendations.









Zoneton Fight Song

The Victors”

Cheer, for our Zoneton T-Wolves

Cheer, for our pride and honor

Cheer, Cheer for green and black

Our colors will shine (green, black, white)

We are the boldest and the best

We will rise above the rest

Watch and you will see a Zoneton victory!