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Tryouts for Boys basketball will begin on September 16. Conditioning will begin on Thursday, September 4. Permission slips for boys interested in trying out are available outside Mr. Carnes’ and Mr. Hoagland’s rooms. Permission slips and up-to-date KHSAA middle school physicals have to be on file before you can participate. See Mr. Carnes or Mr. Hoagland with any questions.
September 11, 2014 – 8th Grade Field Trip to Actor’s Theater to see Dracula. Permission slips will be coming home the week of August 25th. The cost will be $15.
After school dance this Friday from 3-5.  Cost is $4.  Concessions will be sold.  Students will remain in dress code for the dance.  Permission slips will go home this week.  Students must have a signed permission slip to attend.  Phone calls home will not be made on Friday regarding the dance.
Students of the Week:
6th Grade: Madison Martin, Trey Dawson
7th Grade: Jackson Bewley, Makenzie Wardrip
8th Grade: Jenna Sharp, Addison Phillips
August 18, 19, 20 Girls’ Basketball Tryouts
August 19 BETA Club Meeting
August 22 Save One Student Training—6th grade
After School Dance, sponsored by PTSA (3:00-5:00)
August 25 Save One Student Training—7th/8th grades
August 29 On Track
September 9 Lady Bruins @ St. Catharine 6:00
September 10 School Picture Day
September 11 8th Grade Field Trip to Actor’s Theatre (Dracula)
September 11 Lady Bruins @ New Haven 6:00
September 15 Teacher Planning Day / No School for Students
September 16 Lady Bruins @ Hebron 5:30
September 18 Lady Bruins Home vs Mt. Washington 5:30
September 19 EXPLORE Survey (8th Graders)
September 22 Lady Bruins Home vs Lebanon Middle 6:00
September 23 EXPLORE Test (8th Graders)
September 23 Lady Bruins @ Bullitt Lick 5:30
September 25 Lady Bruins Home vs Eastside Middle 5:30
September 29 -
October 3
Book Fair
September 29 Lady Bruins Home vs St. Gregory 5:30
September 30 Lady Bruins Home vs Zoneton 5:30
October 3 Fall Festival

IMPORTANT! New KHSAA Regulations

Due to new KHSAA regulations, 6th grade physicals will no longer work as an athletic physical. All students participating in a sport for the 2014-2015 school year must submit a new physical on the new physical forms. You can go to the address to download the pdf form: http://khsaa.org/forms/ms01.pdf. Students that are planning on playing at the high school level will need a separate high school physical. The high school physical form can be found at http://www.khsaa.org/forms/ge04.pdf.Below is information from the FAQs section from the KHSAA website regarding middle school sports’ physical exams:Will middle school students be required to have a physical exam?
Yes. Each student at the middle school level, prior to trying for a place on a middle school athletic team, shall provide an annual medical examination performed and signed by a physician, physician assistant, advanced practice registered nurse, or chiropractor (if performed within the chiropractic professional’s scope of practice), for each student seeking eligibility to participate in any school sport or sport-activity.When does the requirement of the physical exam have to be completed on the middle school form?
Beginning the first day of the 2014-15 year, physicals will be required to be conducted and completed using middle school form MS01.Is there a specific middle school physical form?
Yes. KHSAA Form MS01 is posted on the KHSAA website. Local schools/districts/associations/groups of schools may supplement that form with additional material but must use the MS01 for the physical examination.If a student plays middle school and high school athletics, are both middle school (Form MS01) physical form and the high school (Form GE04) required?
Yes. Both forms are needed since wording is different. The information on the physical part from doctor is the same, but the parent permission/information forms are different and always will be for legal reasons. This part would have to be filled out separately for a student who played both middle and high school athletics. You could attach one to the other (if middle school form is completed, one could attach the doctor’s part of the middle school form to the high school form) as a grandfathered student, 7th or 8th grader, who plays up to the high school level.Will the two forms eventually be combined for students that play both levels?
No. Information cannot be combined for regulatory and legal reasons. Parent permission information is completely different and entry portion (years in school, etc.) are not valid at middle school level.Does this now require all students to get new physicals on the new form or when the physicals expire? Beginning the first day of the 2014-15 school year, no other form is valid. Beginning in 2014-15, physicals must be completed on Form MS01.If we used the high school version of the physical part (doctor information), since we had been previously, could that be attached to the new form where the parent gives permission? No. MS01 is the only valid form for 2014-2015.Does the 6th grade physical that is required suffice for the middle school athletics physical?
No. The 6th grade physical that is required in no way covers the same elements as an athletic physical. An entirely new physical form (MS01) would be required to be completed. It would be up to the approved individual that performed the physical if the requirements in MS01 required a new visit from the patient, or could be completed from existing patient record

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