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Socks and Gloves
Don’t forget the Beta Club is doing a school wide drive collecting socks and gloves.  They do not have to be a matching set, we will happily accept all odd ones!
Bernheim Cross Country ran in the state meet in Lexington on Saturday.  Here are the results:
5th & 6th grade girls: Presley Huff – 230th overall – 106th in 5th grade Kelsey McKnight – 311th overall – 138th in 6th grade
5th & 6th grade boys: Dylan Boggs – 312th overall – 151st in 5th grade
7th & 8th grade girls: Destiny Jones – 46th overall – 18th in 7th grade Haley Tatasciore – 265th overall – 124th in 8th grade Megan Redding – 282nd overall – 129th in 8th grade
7th & 8th grade boys: Samuel Mitchell – 88th overall – 55th in 8th grade Seth Mitchell – 94th overall – 59th in 8th grade Talon Richardson – 364th overall – 193rd in 8th grade Lucas Schank – 469th overall – 232nd in 8th grade
Several runners qualified for Nationals, which will be Nov. 22 in Nashville, TN
Girls Volleyball Open Gym Date:
The next open gym for Girls Volleyball is Thursday November 6 from 5-7 for all grades. Do Not Stay afterschool – you will have to come back at 5:00. You must have a current physical on the current year form to participate. If you have not attended an open gym this year you must let Mrs. Bush know you are planning on attending. Please see Mrs. Bush with any questions.Volleyball Tryouts will be Saturday November 8 from 10 – 1. Please remember you must a current physical on the correct form in order to stay for open gym or participate in tryouts. If you have any questions please see Ms. Bush.
ARCHERY: There will be an open shoot for those interested in trying out for Archery on Nov. 11th from 3-5.  Tryouts will be on Nov. 13th from 6-8.  ANY student wanting to do the open shoot or tryouts MUST have a NEW, CURRENT KHSAA physical on file for the 14-15 school year.  If a student has a physical that was completed within the last year, but it was not on the NEW KHSAA form for middle schools, it cannot be accepted.  We do have copies of the correct form in the office.  Unfortunately several doctor’s office still are using the old forms and we cannot accept those.  Please have your student pick up a correct form from the office before heading to get a physical.
Students of the week:
6th grade: Hailey Fisher, Rhys Ortiz
7th grade: Dalton Coomes, Casey Sweat
8th grade: Matthew Puckett, Megan Wilkerson
 Congratulations to the Academic team, testing again against all the other middle schools.
Language Arts – 1st place with Sarah Holderman in 1st place, and Hailey Watson 2nd place
Math – 1st place with Skylar Higdon in 1st place, Hannah Wells 4th, and Eva Deel scoring points
Science – 2nd place with Cooper Akers in 1st place, Logan Daugherty 4th place, and Paul Martin and Noah Grant scoring points.
Social Studies – 3rd place with Adam Johnson in 1st place, and Ethan Bleemel scoring points.
Arts/Humanities – 3rd place with Adam Johnson in 2nd place, and Savannah Gould and Hannah Beavers scoring points.Overall in all testing areas, the team is in first place in the county for the second week in a row.
The quick recall teams played Hebron with the 6th grade winning, and the 7th/8th grade team splitting their matches.  The 6th grade team is undefeated and the 7th/8th grade team has 3 wins and one loss and is currently in tied for 2nd place.
Pull Tabs The Jr. Beta Club will be collecting pull tabs from aluminum cans this year for The Ronald McDonald House.  Please save these in a peanut butter jar, coffee can or even sealable bags and send them in once the container is full.
Box Tops for Education and Campbell Soup Labels: BMS collects both Box Tops and Campbell Soup Labels to help purchase things for the classroom and for student incentives.  We ask that you please cut these off and save them when you purchase items.  We will be having a contest that we will announce soon, so please start saving.
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IMPORTANT! New KHSAA Regulations

Due to new KHSAA regulations, 6th grade physicals will no longer work as an athletic physical. All students participating in a sport for the 2014-2015 school year must submit a new physical on the new physical forms. You can go to the address to download the pdf form: http://khsaa.org/forms/ms01.pdf. Students that are planning on playing at the high school level will need a separate high school physical. The high school physical form can be found at http://www.khsaa.org/forms/ge04.pdf.Below is information from the FAQs section from the KHSAA website regarding middle school sports’ physical exams:Will middle school students be required to have a physical exam?
Yes. Each student at the middle school level, prior to trying for a place on a middle school athletic team, shall provide an annual medical examination performed and signed by a physician, physician assistant, advanced practice registered nurse, or chiropractor (if performed within the chiropractic professional’s scope of practice), for each student seeking eligibility to participate in any school sport or sport-activity.When does the requirement of the physical exam have to be completed on the middle school form?
Beginning the first day of the 2014-15 year, physicals will be required to be conducted and completed using middle school form MS01.Is there a specific middle school physical form?
Yes. KHSAA Form MS01 is posted on the KHSAA website. Local schools/districts/associations/groups of schools may supplement that form with additional material but must use the MS01 for the physical examination.If a student plays middle school and high school athletics, are both middle school (Form MS01) physical form and the high school (Form GE04) required?
Yes. Both forms are needed since wording is different. The information on the physical part from doctor is the same, but the parent permission/information forms are different and always will be for legal reasons. This part would have to be filled out separately for a student who played both middle and high school athletics. You could attach one to the other (if middle school form is completed, one could attach the doctor’s part of the middle school form to the high school form) as a grandfathered student, 7th or 8th grader, who plays up to the high school level.Will the two forms eventually be combined for students that play both levels?
No. Information cannot be combined for regulatory and legal reasons. Parent permission information is completely different and entry portion (years in school, etc.) are not valid at middle school level.Does this now require all students to get new physicals on the new form or when the physicals expire? Beginning the first day of the 2014-15 school year, no other form is valid. Beginning in 2014-15, physicals must be completed on Form MS01.If we used the high school version of the physical part (doctor information), since we had been previously, could that be attached to the new form where the parent gives permission? No. MS01 is the only valid form for 2014-2015.Does the 6th grade physical that is required suffice for the middle school athletics physical?
No. The 6th grade physical that is required in no way covers the same elements as an athletic physical. An entirely new physical form (MS01) would be required to be completed. It would be up to the approved individual that performed the physical if the requirements in MS01 required a new visit from the patient, or could be completed from existing patient record

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