Lebanon Junction Elementary

High Expectations Inspire Success For All
We will empower ALL students to become lifelong learners by having a positive student-centered community that provides engaging individualized instruction, creating an environment where ALL students can reach their full potential and be on track for success. 
                              Safety      Respect      Responsibility

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Red Ribbon Pic

Red Ribbon/Safe Schools Week is October 20-24.

Kaden Samples – Lunch with Mr. Weihe

Brittany Williams – Lunch with Mr. Durham

Dakota Raley – 10 minutes on iPad

Elizabeth Stuckenborg – Lunch with Mr. Durham

Kandice Nelson-Foster – Lunch with Mr. Durham

Dustan Dowell – Lunch with Mr. Weihe

Ava Parker – Board game with Mr. Weihe

Luke Watson – 10 minutes on iPad                                                                                                                                                     

Joey Mann – Office helper with Ms. Jackie                                                                                                                                         

Patrick Durham, Principal

Kevin Weihe, Counselor

(502) 869-2200 or (502) 833-4618

 (502) 833-3727 (fax)